Workers compensation is insurance your employer should be paying so that in case of injury, you will be compensated for medical benefits as well as needed time off from the job. Each state is in charge of making their own laws regarding workers comp. which is why things may be slightly different state to state.

If you are injured on the job, your first step is to notify your company as soon as possible. Follow their directions at all times. However, if you need help from an impartial source or just need more information about the whole process, your state workers compensation division is the place to go. Please click on your state below to be taken to more information as well as contact numbers and addresses:


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Wyoming Workers Compensation

On November 22, 2013, in Workers Compensation, by Alan

Workers Compensation In Wyoming

Your starting point for finding Wyoming workman’s comp. information is on the state website here. There are a lot of links on that page that will take you to much of the information you will need to get started.

It is always the case that you should immediately inform your boss or supervisor of any workplace injury you sustain. This is for two reasons: the first is so that paperwork can be filled out right away and the process can get started. This will enable you to get compensation and benefits sooner rather than later if you qualify for them. Secondly, notifying your supervisor of any injury right away will mean an accurate account of the injury will be made and documented. This helps solidify your claim with the insurance company that your employer has insurance through.

State Information:

Workers Compensation in Wyoming:                   
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Claims Overview:                                                            
Workers Comp Forms:                                                 
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