Missouri Workers Compensation

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Workers Compensation In Missouri

If you are injured at work, a workers compensation claim will need to be file in order for you to be able to get benefits. Missouri has a great website that gives you step by step instructions on what you need to do. Go here to get to that guide and follow each step to the letter to make sure that your claim is not denied.

You can also watch the video below to get a better understanding of all the things you will need to do:


Missouri Workers Comp. Benefits

To get a good explanation of the benefits you might be eligible for, check out this page. In Missouri you should be able to get the same compensation as in all the other states including money for missed work due to injury. You need to make sure you tell your employer RIGHT AWAY about your injury so that the claim process can begin and you can get compensated sooner rather than later.

Do You Need To Appeal?

The appeal process can be found here if your claim is denied. Most often a lawyer is NOT needed but in some cases you may have to hire one to represent you. If you think you might need a lawyer, make sure to read this page very carefully beforehand.

State Information:

Missouri Workers Compensation:                             http://labor.mo.gov/DWC/
Step by Step Claims Process:                                        http://labor.mo.gov/DWC/Injured_Workers/
Disability Schedule & Benefits:                                    http://labor.mo.gov/DWC/Forms/WC-110-AI.pdf
Employer Insurance Coverage Verification:          http://labor.mo.gov/DWC/tool/wc_cov_ver.asp
Form WC-280:                                                                    http://labor.mo.gov/DWC/Forms/WC-280-AI.pdf
Publications and Forms:                                                 http://labor.mo.gov/div_pubs_forms.asp#DWC
FAQ’s:                                                                                      http://labor.mo.gov/DWC/Injured_Workers/doctor_faqs.asp
Obtaining a Lawyer:                                                          http://labor.mo.gov/DWC/Injured_Workers/obt_lawyer.asp
Injured Worker Appeals:                                                http://labor.mo.gov/DWC/Injured_Workers/appeals.asp
Average Wage & Weekly Maximums:                        http://labor.mo.gov/DWC/Forms/2012SAWW.pdf
Missouri Workers Compensation Laws:                  http://www.moga.mo.gov/STATUTES/C287.HTM
Contact Information:                                                       http://labor.mo.gov/DWC/contact.asp

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