With President Obama’s successful reelection, ObamaCare is most certainly going to become the law of the land. It has been well documented that health insurance costs are going to go up for everyone and many people are already seeing this in 2013. Whether you like it or not, ObamaCare is going to be expensive and every citizen who has health insurance is going to be paying more because of the new federal mandates and regulations that are soon to come.

But Since Workers Compensation Is Executed By The States, What will Be The Impact To It?

One of the reasons people see the need for ObamaCare is because of the total mess the health care industry is in. Unfortunately that mess will continue as any new laws that involve the healthcare industry, insurance companies, and our government are most certainly going to create a lot of chaos for some time to come. Can you name a something the government does well? I can’t.

Even though workman’s comp is regulated by each state, the coverage and benefits are coming from health insurance companies. Since their rates are going up that means workers compensation insurance is going to be more and more costly for companies to provide for their employees. And that probably will eventually translate to more people being laid off as well as other as yet undetermined consequences.

What About The Injured Worker?

The benefits you get right now as an injured worker are probably not going to change right away. But as all aspects of our nation’s healthcare start to cost more because of Obama Care, it is not unlikely that you will soon start to get less benefits than you used to if you become injured. That is because companies cannot continue to pay more taxes and higher healthcare premiums forever which means they will be trying to find ways to comply with the state laws while spending as little as possible on workers comp. insurance.

With ObamaCare, all our healthcare is likely going to become worse and more expensive as the government wields it heavy hand with endless regulations, red tape, and new laws that will make us all worse off. Injured workers will fare no better as the rest of us as their benefits decline and become harder to get.

Ultimately, Obama Wants The Government To Be Our Doctor

ObamaCare is just the beginning of the Democrat’s attempt at cutting out the insurance companies and having the Federal government take charge of the entire healthcare system. Obama and his ilk think politicians are better able to tell you how to live your life in every way and that includes what kind of healthcare you get. We are a long way off from that but definitely going down that road full steam ahead.

ObamaCare may not directly impact workers compensation for a while but eventually it may totally change almost everything about it.

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