California Workers Compensation

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California State Workers Compensation

Have you been injured on the job? If so, the place to start is on this page at the California Department of Workers compensation. That page has step by step instructions as well as links to all the forms and information you need for the claims process. You should follow those instructions carefully so that everything you do is done in the right order which will enable you to get credited for lost work and/or your medical expenses.

It is important to let your employer know right away about your injury. If it is something that has built up gradually, let them know as soon as you suspect it is work related. It is always to your advantage to report things in a timely manner so that you can get the medical help you need.

What Can You Get From Workers Compensation?

Workers comp. can pay for several things: it can pay for your medical bills, temporary lost wages, permanent lost wages, training for a new job, and even death benefits to family members should you die. To find out more about any and all of these things please take a look here.

Did Your Workers Comp. Claim Get Denied?

It is possible that your claim will get denied which means the insurance company doesn’t think your injury is work related or that it is a type of injury that is not covered by workers compensation. Start at this page should something like that happen. There are lots of things that can go wrong that will threaten to your ability to collect workers comp. and sometimes people even have to hire a lawyer.

State Information:

California Department of Workers Compensation:
Step by step instructions:                                     
Medical care:                                                              
Workers compensation coverage information:     https://WWW.EWCCV.COM/CVS/
California Workers Comp. Workshops:         
DWC forms:                                                                
How to file a claim:                                                  
Fact sheets for injured workers:                        
Workers comp. claim denial info:                    
File a complaint:                                                      
Claims adjudication:                                              
California DWC office locations:                      
Glossary of workers comp. terms: